Donate Here are all the packages you can buy to support PizzaTown! All funds from payments will go towards paying for keeping the bot running.

Please read the disclaimer and instructions below!

Exotic Donator

Price: 4 USD


+ 1,000,000 PizzaTokens (In-Bot Currency)

+ 2,500 Cookies (In-Bot Currency)

+ 7,000 of each Common Topping

+ 3,000 of each Uncommon and Rare Topping

+ 40 of each Legendary Topping

+ Custom Role on the Support Server + Profile Badge and Embed Color Choice for !profile

Extravagant Donator

Price: 7 USD


+ 4,000,000 PizzaTokens (In-Bot Currency)

+ 5,000 Cookies (In-Bot Currency)

+ 15,000 of each Common and Uncommon Topping

+ 8,000 of each Rare Topping

+ 80 of each Legendary Topping

+ Custom Role on the Support Server + Profile Badge and Embed Color Choice for !profile

By donating to the bot, you agree to the following terms:

- All money earned from donations will help Rocky maintain and make the bot better.

- Not carefully following the instructions given could result in your donation being invalidated, and perks may not be given. If you need help, speak to a staff member in the Support Server.

- Refunds will be only given out if purchase was accidental. Direct Message Rocky43007#7727 within 48 hours of donating with your transaction ID and explaination for reason of refund. Failure to Direct Message within 48 hours of the transaction will lead to your request being denied.

- Firstly, read the disclaimer above. By donating, you have read and accept all the terms listed above. The donor shall hold all accountability in case of not reading the terms above and/or failing to comply with any of the instructions/rules above.

- Second, find which package you'd like to choose, and then click on the Paypal or the Debit or Credit Card button underneath the perks of the chosen package.

- Thirdly, after paying, Direct Message Rocky43007#7727 with your Transaction ID. Should this package be a gift for another user, please send their ID (Click here to find out how to get someone's ID) after your transaction ID with the message: Gift for (User ID Here). You will get a confirmation from Rocky after the perks are applied.

- If you do not receive your perks within 1 day minutes, please join the Support Server and ask in #support by clicking on the ❓ emoji.

- Please read the disclaimer above.

- Refunds will not be given if rewards/perks have been claimed already or 48 hours has passed since payment.
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