Beginners Guide
Welcome to PizzaTown!
Thank you so much for inviting PizzaTown to your server! The default prefix is ! and @PizzaTown. Your server has the prefix !.

Starting your pizzeria!
PizzaTown uses pizzerias to store your data! By doing !start [name], you create a pizzeria to begin selling pizzas!

How to bake and deliver your first pizza!
Firstly, you will have to run !menu. The menu command displays a list of delicous pizzas that you can choose to bake using bake. The emotes below each pizza type show the number of toppings required to !bake one pizza of that type.


To select a pizza-type from the menu run -

!menu bake <ID /number of the pizza as displayed on the menu>.


To select Pepperoni and Chicken pizzas for the menu, run the following command:
!menu bake pepperoni chicken
!menu bake 1 2

Then, running !bake will then bake as many pizzas as possible, which is 5 for starters. Running !deliver will then deliver the pizzas you baked, earning you money!

Getting toppings!
As you see, making a pizza actually requires resources, unlike other economy bots! In PizzaTown, you have a finite amount of resources before you run out! How do you stop that? With !toppings! Using this command, you will get a random chance to get a random rarity of toppings, and then a random number of said toppings. Otherwise, if you got the money, you can do !shop and then run !buy [Buy ID] [Amount]! For example: !buy chicken 1000.

Baking more pizzas!
As you saw from running !bake, you only made 5 pizzas! A new user can only bake up to 5 pizzas with !bake unless you buy the Larger Ovens upgrade!

Upgrades, employees and spending galore!
To make your account the best account there is on PizzaTown, you need to get more money! And to get more money, you gotta recruit people and buy upgrades. You can check out what upgrades you can buy and how much each costs with !upgrades! To buy an upgrade, you can run !buy [Upgrade ID]. And you can do the same, but to recruit employees! Just run !recruit to see the list of employees you can recruit! To actually hire a person, just run !recruit [Employee ID] and voila! You've hired an employee! All of this will increase your income unless stated in the Info section of the list.
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